Discipline’s Group

Discipline’s Group is made up of 15 women who sell a variety of products.

The group’s leader is Lydia. Lydia has been selling cosmetics for the last ... {-Read More-}

The One by One Group

A member of the One by One Group, Florence, plans to use a portion of the money from this loan to pay for tuition for her four ... {-Read More-}

The Allah Kademe Group

The representative of the Allah Kademe Group is Gompoko Marie Claire, who is responsible for two children, who both go to school. Gompoko Marie Claire has been ... {-Read More-}

The Maa Mangala Selp Help Group

The Maa Mangala Selp Help Group consists of 10 members, who all own, and run, a grocery store together.

Their leader, Sarojini, is 39 and lives with ... {-Read More-}

The Tia Maria Group

The Tia Maria Group is headed by Caroline, who is seated in the middle of the picture.

Caroline is married and the mother of four children. She ... {-Read More-}

What is LastingChange?

LastingChange is a non-profit organization that focuses on microfinance (or microloans) to help small businesses in third world countries.

We make small loans to these businesses so ... {-Read More-}

What is Microfinance?


‘Microfinance’ simply means providing small loans to low income borrowers.

When a first world business person needs to expand or invest, they go to a bank.  ... {-Read More-}

How Can You Help?

If you like the idea of Lasting Change, you can help. There are three ways through which you can contribute to our program.

1. Donate! Of course, ... {-Read More-}

LastingChange Has Now Made Loans in 55 Countries

Our participation in a loan to Damas del Futuro in Ecuador means Lasting Change has now made loans in 55 countries.  Damas del Futuro consists of 14 ... {-Read More-}

Nuevo Amancer Group

UPDATE: (March 20, 2012) Nuevo Amanecer Group has fully repaid their loan.

Nuevo Amanecer Group, in Paraguay, makes hats.  They need this loan for materials to make ... {-Read More-}

Etoiles Plus Group

Located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, this group, Etoiles Plus, is a group of 34 members receiving Kiva loans. They plan on improving and expanding ... {-Read More-}

Las Tejedoras Group

“Last Tejedoras” is a community bank in Paraguay that belong to very hard-working women. Thanks to loans, they were able to invest into their existing businesses or ... {-Read More-}

Santa Luisa Group

Santa Luisa, located in Curuguaty, Paraguay, is a group of 11 women who make a living through farming activities. The objective of their group is to work ... {-Read More-}